The Carbone family works since years to produce truly traditional and high quality Lucanian cured meats.
The Salumificio Carbone produces through a traditional processing method to bring its customers the most authentic tastes and flavours. The founder, Carmine Carbone, belongs to the third generation of butchers and, since he was very young, left his town in Basilicata to enrich his experience and knowledge in the meat processing. In the 90’s he went back to Tricarico and, together with his wife, opened first their own butcher’s shop and finally, in 1996, the factory.
Together, the two businesses grew very fast becoming a local reference point for high quality products, fresh meats as well as cured meats. The passion and commitment of the family has led the continuously refine of products quality, and, as a result of this, everything is produced with Italian meat, and without preservatives. Today, The Salumificio Carbone lists gluten-free and lactose-free products in attention to current intolerances. Moreover, its clients are all over Italy and its approach to foreign markets is bringing abroad the real and unique taste of Italian culture and cured meats.

Carmine e Margherita

Carmine and Margherita founded the Salumificio Carbone in Tricarico, a small Lucanian town. Since then, they are passionately working to produce high quality traditional cured meats. Along the years, they refined they products lines remaining always close to tradition.


Valentina inherits the same passion from her parents, and after graduation, joins the company in 2009. She brings into the company the idea to produce in accordance to the current market needs, improving the products until eliminate lactose and gluten so more and more customers could taste Carbone cured meats.