With basilicata in the heart

The love for their lan, leads the company to prefer 100% Italian pigs, many of which are raised on the uncontaminated territory of Basilicata. In this way, a production that is more respectful of the animals welfare is guaranteed. he prized pork and black pork, thanks to the expert craftsmanship, still tell today, through the aromatic and intense flavor of the different cured meats, the genuineness and the very high quality of Carbone’s cured meats.


The 4 Sorelle line comes from the selection of raw materials and from a traditional manufacturing process.

The pork line is obtained from an artisanal process with the use of local spices.

Cured meats made from Lucanian Black Pig, a native breed raised in a natural environment.

The dreams box customizable up to 7/8 vacuum-packed products.

The Vasetto line was born from the idea of re-proposing traditional methods such as: in oil and in lard.


Salumificio Carbone relives the tradition of a land, Basilicata. We are always available to welcome you to our headquarters, in the heart of the Lucanian area. Or you can also buy our products online.